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Structure and Management

Structure and Management

 Leonid Golovko, General Director

Education: Irkutsk Power Engineering College, 1982, "Power stations, grids and systems".

Functions: Operational Management of the Company




General Director
Operational management of the CompanyKonstantin Fadeev, General Director

Konstantin Fadeev, General Director.

Operational management of the Company.




 Valeriy Bessalov, First Deputy General Director.

Education: Belgorog State Technological University, 2003, "Economy and Management of enterprises"

Functions: Operative management of construction and erection works at construction sites.


Vladimir Malyshev, Deputy Generale Director (Production)

Education: Far East State University of Communication Lines, 1999, "Power grids and systems"

Functions: Operational management of production and economic management of the Company within the bounds of the position



 Timofey Tselischev, Deputy General Director (Economics and Finances)

Education: Urals State Economical University, 1999, "Accounting and audit"

Functions: General management of financial planning and budgeting, also responsible for management accounts.



 Tatyana Potapova, Deputy General Director (Quality and Environmental Protection)

Education: Urals Polytechnical Institute named after S.M. Kirov, 1992, "Biotechnology"

Functions: General management of the Quality Management System and economical matters of the Company.

 Yeremenko Irina, Deputy  General Direktor  (Juridical and law aspects)

Functions: Carrying out methodical leadership in Juristic questions and holding juridical assistance in branches of the Company.



 Nataliya Zhdanova, Chief Accountant

Education: Sverdlovsk Institute of National Economy, 1993, "Industrial economy and planning"

Functions: Accounting policy-making of the Company, accounting.

Ural Power Engineering Construction Company, construction and erection of substations, OPGW, overhead power transmission lines