500 kV Substation “Tyumen”

500 kV Substation "Tyumen"

 The Customer: JSK “FSK EES” – Bulk Power Systems of Western Siberia (MES of Western Siberia)

500/220/110 kV substation “Tyumen” is located in the town of Tyumen.  The 500 kV “Tyumen” connection point within the backbone network is most significant to provide connection between the two major components of unification of Tumen and Sverdlovsk power systems. 

The following disassembling, construction and installation, start-up and commissioning works aimed at the reconstruction of the Substation complex are planned to be done:  

* replacement of two 500/220/10 kV autotransformers and back-up phase;  

* replacement of three 500 kV shunting reactors  and of two 220/110/10 kV autotransformers;

* reconstruction of 500 kV outdoor switchgear - reconstruction of 220 kV outdoor switchgear;

* reconstruction of 110 kV outdoor switchgear;

* reconstruction of 10 kV indoor switchgear.;

* auxiliary system reconstruction;

* cable system reconstruction;

* rearrangement of 500-110 kV OHTL.

* general construction works according to General plan, World map, the construction of a cluster of buildings and structures, including auxiliary and servicing installations, transportation facilities   

The works are planned to be completed in April – June, 2010.