500 kV Substation “Emelino” with 500, 220 kV Approaches

500 kV Substation "Emelino" with 500, 220 kV Approaches

 The "Emelino" substation belongs to high-priority projects of Sverdlovsk Oblast. It is located at the distance of 70 kilometers from Ekaterinburg, in Nizhneserginsky district and is aimed to provide electric power supply for the areas of Sverdlovsk Oblast suffering from power shortages, chiefly - to industrial enterprises of Pervouralsk, Revda, Polevskoi, and also Ekaterinburg.

The substation was built within the Federal programme for Russian power industry development. The construction of "Emelino" substation appears to be the first step of agreement between the Government of Sverdlovsk Oblast and RAO "UES of Russia".  The total volume of investments into this project amounts to 2.88 billion Rubles.  

The first stage of 500 kV "Emelino" 220 kV - outdoor switchgear - was constructed in an extremely short period of time: it took the company less than a year to build it. Such rate of construction became possible thanks to proficiency of the personnel and high technical provision of the company.   

After reaching its gross output the "Emelino" substation will supply power to a number of new industrial enterprises of Sverdlovsk Oblast including a new electrical steel complex at Severski Pipe Plant, electrical steel complexes at Pervouralski Novotrubny Works and Nizhneserginski Hardware- Metallurgical Plant.

General properties:

Length of 220 kV approaches - 11.27 km.

The works are planned to be completed in December, 2007.