OHTL 500kV “Severnaya – BAZ”

OHTL 500kV "Severnaya - BAZ"

 Customer - the JSC "FSK (Federal Power Networks Company) UES - MES (Interconnecting Power Networks) of Urals"

JSC "Ural Power Engineering Construction Company" commenced the construction of OHTL 500kV "Severnaya - BAZ" in June 11, 2008. Chairman of the government of Sverdlovsk Oblast Mr. Koksharov V.A., Chairman of the government of Permski Krai Mr. Sukhih V.A., Deputy Chairman of the government of Permski Krai Mr. Silin Y.P. and other members of government were present at the opening ceremony. Mounting of Tower foundation and erection of the Tower N821 were shown to the distinguished guests. Memorable board "OHTL 500kV "Severnaya - BAZ" was officially installed in the front of the fixed Tower.

This object is strategically important for the development of Northern areas of Sverdlovsk Oblast and Permski Krai. OHTL 500kV "Severnaya - BAZ" allows to transmit electrical energy from the 4th 800MW Unit of Permskaya Power Station to the Middle Ural. Putting this "power bridge" into operation is planned at the end of 2009. It will promote the development of Northern cities of Sverdlovsk Oblast - Serov, Krasnoturinsk, Karpinsk, Novaya Lala. It also allows to increase transmitting ability of Serov - Bogoslovsk networks and to enhance power supply reliability for users in Permski Krai. The volume of investments into this project amounts to 6.1 billion Rubles.

The route of OHTL 500kV "Severnaya - BAZ" goes through geographically difficult areas. It will cross The Ural Mountains, Kosva and Yaiva rivers, 100 meters width each. 821 Towers will be erected while the construction of OHTL 500kV "Severnaya - BAZ". Whole length of OHTL is 199km, 82km of it will run through Permski Krai, 117km - in Sverdlovsk Oblast.

Arrangement of OHTL 500kV "Severnaya - BAZ" is realized within the limits of Agreement between the Government of Sverdlovsk Oblast, Government of Permski Krai and RAO "UES of Russia" for realization of investment projects.