OHTL 500 kV “Chuguevka”- “Lozovaya”

OHTL 500 kV "Chuguevka"- "Lozovaya"

Customer - JSC "TsIUS UES" (Centre for Engineering and Management of Construction) - Eastern branch office.

The engineers of the Ural Power Engineering Construction Company company have commenced construction and erection of 500 kV OHTL "Chuguevka" - "Lozovaya"   in Primorski Krai (Territory).

Commissioning: June 2012

OHTL Specifications are given in the table below:





Voltage, kV



Number of circuits



Number of turns



Conductor brand, OHTL phasing



Number of complete transposition sections



OHTL Ground wires

1 TK-70 ,   1х OPGW



Standard foundations made of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements

(With elevated above ground guy wire anchors).


Material and main types of towers

Steel free-standing and guy-wired H-suspension steel towers


Anticorrosion protection requirements

Steel towers are protected from corrosion by means of hot-dip galvanizing


Insulator types

Glass insulators, line accessories of serial production

The route of 500 kV OHTL kV substation "Chuguevka" - substation "Lozovaya" begins at outdoor switchgear of 500 kV substation "Chuguevka", situated in 1.5 km to northeast of the  village of Chuguevka in Primorski Krai (Territory).

It ends at outdoor switchgear of future 500 kV substation 500/220/10 kV "Lozovaya". It is situated at the southwestern outskirts of Boyets Kuznetsov village, 0.5 km to the west of Ekaterinovka - Boyets Kuznetsov highway, 1.1 km to the northwest of Verbliud mountain.

Total length of 500 kV OHTL Chuguevka-Lozovaya is 188.6 km.

The terrain is mountainous, with hilly and flat sections. Surface slope is up to 20 degrees. Absolute heights are between 30 up to 1250 in Baltic height system.

The route of 500 kV OHTL from 500 kV Chuguevka substation is laid out mainly along the route of the existing 220 kV OHTL Partizanskaya GRES (state district power station) - Chuguevka. The distance between the routes is 80 metres and only in sections where the latter OHTL goes across agricultural lands or territories of industrial enterprises, the route of 500 kV OHTL is laid out around them. The route goes through mountain taiga forests and detours populated areas.

On putting into operation of the "power ring" the electrical energy of Zeyskaya and Bureyskaya hydroelectric power stations will go to the power supply system of southern districts of Primorski Krai, thus increasing reliability of power supply of existing consumers of southern Primor'ye and making possible power supply of new ones.