OHTL 500 kV "Rostov NPP - Tihoretskaya 2"

OHTL 500 kV «Rostov NPP - Tihoretskaya №2»

This object  has  strategic importance for the development of the Southern Federal District.  OHTL Rostov NPP - Tihoretskaya №2 will  give  power of the new   unit of Rostov NPP 1100 MW to the region

Beginning of construction of the line of the  OHTL 500 kV Rostov NPP - Tihoretskaya № 2 is a linear portal of the cell № 6 of  OSD 500 kV  of Rostov NPP, the end is SS 500 kV Tihoretsk.

Construction of   the OHTL  500kV  Rostov NPP - Tihoretskaya №  2 includes the  works on the following objects:
1.   Reconstruction of   the   OHTL 500 kV  «Rostov NPP – South»  extension of  13,884 km.
2.   Reconstruction of   the   OHTL 500 kV  «Rostov NPP – Budennovsk»  extension  of 10,343 km.
3.   Reconstruction of  the  OHTL 500 kV  «Rostov NPP – Tihoretsk»    extension  of 15,273 km.
4.   Reconstruction of  the OHTL  500 kV  «Rostov NPP – Nevinnomissk» extension of 98,744 km.
5.   OHTL  500 kV «Rostov NPP - Tikhoretskaya №2», Section  Ug.28-Ug.33; Section  Ug.84-Ug.66; - extention of 78,476 km.

OHTL  will pass through the territory of the Rostov Region and Krasnodar Region, the total  extention of the line will be 216.72 km.

The route passes through the zone of active agricultural activities, and  therefore,   it is provided for  a round of  number of  peasant-farmer complexes  and other  capital  structures of the economical  purpose

Also  it is provided remediation (restoration) of disturbed lands , which vegetal  layer of soil is removed  and stacked in temporary dumps before the beginning of  the excavation

Piles- covers are used for  fixing  of the multifaceted intermediate towers (type 2MP300-3V) in the ground. The space between the walls of the excavation and foundation  is filled by sand-cement mortar. The internal cavity of the pile-cover is filled by the ground excavated during drilling.

Fixing  of the freestanding metal anchor-corner  towers  the  type  U2 (+5, +12), US 500-3 in dry  and half-flooding soils  is realized   by ​​using prefabricated  reinforced concrete foundations with inclined racks and ballast slab.

Fixing  freestanding  of metal anchor-corner  towers in areas where the depth of the water table is in the range of 0 to 1.5 m, is made by ​​using unified  reinforced concrete piles , bush of piles with unified metal or developed monolithic reinforced concrete raft foundation.

Dipping of piles  is produced by clogging in the pre-drilled holes (leaders) with a penetration of the  ends on 2 meters below the side of the hole with a diameter of leader less on 15cm  than the side of  square of pile.

Mounting of wires is carried out  by  «under tension» method  with using sheeting machines  and equipment by  «Tesmec S.p.A.» ( Italy ).

It is provided for execution mounting works of FOCL   on the construction of objects on the  following OHTL(s ) :

-  OHTL 500kV Rostov NPP - Nevinnomissk = 122,93 km

-  OHTL 500kV Rostov NPP - Tihoretsk №2 = 85,4 km

Total overall extension of building of   FOCL, OHTL   = 208,33 km.