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Multifaceted Steel Towers

Multifaceted Steel Towers

Multifaceted steel towers for OHTLs and lighting are widely used in the whole world.

Multifaceted towers are preferred because of two reasons:

  • Good aesthetical characteristics;
  • Flexibility of manufacture and configuration - height, diameter, number of facets, bearing capacity, and other parameters of the towers may be entirely defined by the customer.

More than that, multifaceted steel towers have many advantages over traditional concrete towers and towers made of pipes:

  • Greater reliability and durability than those of concrete towers;
  • Little weight of individual parts of towers, which significantly simplifies and reduces the prices of transport, handling and erection;
  • The parts during transportation are not damaged and therefore not rejected during erection;
  • Simplicity of operation.

Design philosophy

Conical towers are made of sheet steel with the help of bending with one longitudinal welded seam. Manufacturing process limits maximal length of tower parts to 12.5 m, which allows transport by ordinary means and vehicles without the necessity to use special transport and obtain special permissions. Joining-up of tower parts during erection is performed by conical fit. It makes reliable joint and does not require bolts or flanges. Joints of the type are nonseparable, due to small taper angle and large length of the joint.

The towers with flanged bases are fastened to stubs of the foundation by anchoring stud-bolts, which allows to adjust verticality of the tower and possibility to repair damaged towers.

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